Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why "in-home" pet sitting and dog training?

One thing that we at The Doggy Guru strive for, other then excellence in service, is convenience. We try to make things as convenient for our clients as possible, and not just the pet owners, but the pets themselves. When called upon to help someone deal with a dog with behavior issues, we come to the client's home, since this is where the cause of the dog's behavior lies. We monitor it's activities, as well as those of the family and/or other pets to get an in depth view of what exactly is causing the imbalance. Why is the dog peeing constantly in the house? Why is he or she always chewing up clothes or furniture? What is causing this pup to growl, lick, or cower incessantly? These are not the problems themselves. These are but symptoms of a larger problem. We try to figure these things out and fix them.
As for in-home pet sitting? The Doggy Guru discovered a long time ago that not only are the pets themselves more comfortable staying at home, where they feel safe, but the pet owners also seem to feel more at ease knowing their loyal companions are being taken care of at home. Some pets, such as reptiles, pretty much just need to be fed and watered. As long as these basic needs are taken care of, they are good to go. Other pets, however, like birds, dogs, cats, etc, need more then that. They may need a walk. They may need some affection. They may need to play. They're needs are physical AND psychological. We try to meet those needs.
Some folks put their pets in kennels while on vacation. This is all well and good, and kennels definitely fill a need. However, they are not a perfect system. Many kennels keep the animals in cages all day, which puts undo stress on them. With so many animals in such close proximity, many diseases become rampant. Kennel cough, skin infections, viruses, respiratory disease, all can conspire to ensure that your pet's stay in a kennel becomes a very uncomfortable, and possibly costly (from a vet's point of view) visit. We try to keep stress to a minimum by coming to your pet's home and watching over them there. Is there a favorite toy they like to play with? Are they fed a specific diet? At a specific time? Do they need exercise or affection? The Doggy Guru will take care of it.
We at The Doggy Guru try to cover all the bases to make your vacation, work day, or training session as pleasant and memorable, and above all, CONVENIENT, as possible. Visit us today at and find out more about our services.
The Doggy Guru, for all your pet sitting and dog training needs.

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