Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't "waste" time.

My pregnant wife has me thinking about babies. We already have a daughter, but this new one has me thinking about what lies ahead. Noisy nights. Confusing cues (is the baby crying because it's hungry, or is it sleepy?). Eyes filled with wonder. Lots of love and affection.
They also bring with them the dreaded diaper change!!
Out of all the annoying little habits babies can bring with them, none is worse then the dreaded diaper change. Better yet, the POOPY diaper change. Most can deal with a wet diaper, but a..... creamy one? Those are the worst. Many a strong, tough man has fallen at the feet of his small, fragile wife when it comes time to change a diaper.
Pets are a lot like babies. Depending on the pet, many cause noisy nights... at least at first. Many are in a constant state of wonderment when looking at the world. Many need love and affection. I say many for these because some pets, like reptiles, or even some birds, need less affection, or show less wonderment then dogs or cats.
However, ALL pets bring with them the same dreaded poopy diaper change that babies do. Granted, they don't WEAR diapers (although I have seen some cruel dog owners embarrass their canines by putting some on them. LOL). However, the poop clean up is still there. Some pets, like reptiles (snakes, lizards, etc), rodents (hamsters, gerbils, ferrets) and birds (parrots, McCaws, parakeets, etc) leave a dirty cage or enclosure to clean. Cats leave a smelly, but relatively simple to clean litter box to clean. Dogs, while usually taken for walks, still leave a little mound to deal with (since NOONE leaves the dog mess to soil our streets!!). Some leave a landmine of a backyard to carefully navigate through.
This is the worst part about owning pets. Cleaning up after them.
We at The Doggy Guru recognize this need, and have developed our waste removal program designed to help pet owners with their messes. Don't "waste" your time cleaning up after your pets. Reclaim your backyard and walk barefoot through it if you want. Let The Doggy Guru pick up after your little ones.
Your pets, not your babies.
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